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Written 6/29/17 by Adrian

Your website on a smart phone

We still find age-old websites built by friends and family of buisiness owners, originally doing their compatriot a favor by helping build their initial site for free. A lot of times these can actually look OK, but really need some updating.

One of the most notable updates needed is that when that website is viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, the user has do pinch & zoom to see the content and navigate around. Effectively, the site is not Responsive (Mobile friendly) which not only makes people want to click away, but it makes Google sad too!

We can do effective conversions on these sites so they can keep their look and feel (unless you want that updated too!) so that everything realigns and resizes to look good and work well on mobile.  The cost for this is a lot less than a whole new site!  Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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